NOA is a timely and visually striking emigration fable that follows the spiritual journey of a young woman in search of the freedom she imagines will bring her closer to her dreams. Shot entirely on location, NOA transports its audience to a futuristic Miami few have imagined.


In a soulful instance of art imitating life, the filmmakers’ vision for NOA was inspired by their own struggles. Each of them wrestled with gut-wrenching questions when they migrated from their native countries – leaving behind friends and family – and sacrificed all for the pursuit of their dreams.


A journey into the deepest recesses of the subconscious, NOA asks how much of our souls we are willing to lose in pursuit of our truest selves. Does another possible reality even exist for us? How far are you willing to go to find out? How much of yourself are you willing to leave behind?


We invite you to step into the unknown, and meet your fears. Meet your future. Meet… NOA.




Digital 2k / anamorphic 2.35.1

Length : 14.46min

Shot in Miami, Florida, USA.